Jerry Jenkins
Phone: 805-497-1455

May 7th, 2012, Thousand Oaks, California.

Jerry Jenkins and David Martin are pleased to announce the formation of the Jenkins-Martin Drum Company. Jenkins-Martin will offer a complete line of composite drums made in a unique composite molding process. The company designed and built customized equipment specifically for molding drum shells in order to ensure consistency across diameters and precise repeatability. The result is a full range of one piece, solid composite shells, built to exacting specifications, which have exceptional resonance characteristics and unmatched tonality.

The initial offering from Jenkins-Martin will be a Limited Edition, 50th Anniversary (1962-2012) Commemorative Release of drums featuring the original Blaemire fiberglass shell formula.

Blaemire is a name that drummers active in the L.A. music scene during the 1960s through the ’80s, and today’s vintage drum enthusiasts, will recognize quickly. Allen F. Blaemire (1927-2009) worked on anti-submarine missile technologies as an engineer for the Naval Undersea Center after WWII, and was also an accomplished drummer who had a passion for the engineering and sound characteristics of drum shells. Dissatisfied with the shell technology of the day, Allen applied his knowledge of composite torpedo tubes toward creating an entirely new concept in drum shells. Allen’s unique fiberglass shells yielded a sound that was often described as deeper, more powerful, more resonant, clearer and more melodic than other drums. Blaemire shells became highly sought after by professionals and amateurs alike, and largely defined the studio recording sound of the era.

Jenkins and Martin have been working together for the past two years developing the manufacturing technology necessary to accurately recreate the unique Blaemire sound. Jenkins is known in vintage drum circles as the “Blaemire Archeologist” for his work finding and restoring vintage Blaemire shells, and Martin owns a composites company and had previous experience molding carbon fiber drum shells. With Jenkins passion and understanding of the Blaemire sound and Martin’s experience with composite shells, the two agreed to combine efforts and develop the technology which would create exact duplicates that faithfully recreate the distinctive sound of the original Blaemire shells.

After having built custom molding equipment and produced countless prototypes, the duo is set to debut their wares at the 22nd Annual Chicago Drum Show being held May 19 & 20, 2012 at the Kane Country Fairgrounds in St. Charles, Il.

For more information on the Jenkins-Martin Drum Company please visit, or contact Jerry Jenkins at 805-497-1455, or email

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