Each Blaemire shell is crafted by the exact same methods and materials that Allen Blaemire pioneered in the early 1960s. With specific attention to detail we have been able to precisely duplicate the unique look and distinctive sound of Allen’s original shells. We invite you to experience the sound and power that made Blaemire drums instant classics.

First made famous by Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew, Allen Blaemire’s drums have been featured on countless recordings and dozens of #1 hits. Our modern Blaemire shells are faithful recreations of the originals. We’ve managed to recapture all the same magic that helped establish that golden age in recording. Rediscover the power, tone and soul that helped define an era.

Expressive and powerful, accessible and unpretentious. These drums are meant to be handled and meant to be played. They were born in an era that valued groove above gloss, sound above branding and soul above all else.

Blaemire drums, Rediscover Soul.

Blaemire, naturally.
The distinctive look and color of Blaemire shells is due to the natural state of the resin, glass and catalysts we use in the winding process. Blaemire shells do not contain any colorants to obtain the distinctive green hue. The color and appearance you see is exactly how it comes off the tooling with only a polyurethane clear coat applied. Because the shells are left to their natural state some variation in the appearance can occur. These variations are extremely minor and are due to environmental conditions and the raw materials used in the process. To guarantee the best match we encourage our customers to order all their shells at the same time.

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