The Magic of Jenkins-Martin Shells

The magic of Jenkins-Martin shells is due to a number of very specific attributes. These distinctive attributes derive from the special materials which comprise the shell, and the unique process used to combine those materials. Among the defining characteristics of a Jenkins-Martin drum is the “grain” of the shell. By molding the shell with a single strand of glass fibers a unidirectional grain is produced which runs continuously, unbroken around the circumference of the shell. With no seams or plies to get in the way, the unidirectional glass acts to preserve the vibration by directing it around the shell instead of letting the vibration escape out the ends of the shell. The precise, consistent layout of the unidirectional glass, which is molded under tension, provides a straight and even path for the vibrations to follow. The tension and straightness of the glass produces a very even and controlled vibration. The result is a drum with unparalleled resonance and a pure, distinctive, melodic tone.

Read a more detailed explanation of our shell technology in this blog post.


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