solidWrap™ is an innovative approach to custom graphics for drum shells. Our unique molding process allows us to fully encapsulate a very thin, printed silk cloth inside our shells. The graphics sit below the surface of the shell protected by about 1mm of wound glass.

The Process

The inside of the shell is wound with white resin which is used in order to bring out the full, vibrant color of the over-wrapped printed silk. The printed silk is then completely saturated with resin, wrapped around the shell and then over-wound with clear resin and glass. The entire shell cures as one solid unit containing no plies or seams.

The Result

The printed silk sits below several layers of clear resin and glass. The grain of the glass and resin add to the unique visual texture of the graphics while allowing even small details to show through. The result is a completely unique graphic style manufactured with the same solid glass grain construction that gives every Jenkins-Martin shell its unique sonic characteristics. The silk fabric is custom printed, so there are few limitations to what can be achieved!

Artwork Specifications
  • Original or Royalty-Free digital artwork, 300 dpi.
  • Scalable for large format printing.
  • Vector art is best.
  • Contact us directly for more information.

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