Allen F. Blaemire

Blaemire is a name that drummers active in the L.A. music scene during the 1960s through the ’80s, and today’s vintage drum enthusiasts, will recognize quickly. Allen F. Blaemire (1927 – 2009) was an industrious visionary who worked on anti-submarine missile technologies as an engineer the Naval Undersea Center after WWII. Allen was also an accomplished drummer who had a passion for the engineering and sound characteristics of drum shells. Dissatisfied with the shell technology of the day, Allen applied his knowledge of composite torpedo tubes toward creating an entirely new concept in drum shells. Allen’s unique fiberglass shells, molded in a glass winding process, yielded a sound that was often described as deeper, more powerful, more resonant, clearer and more melodic than other drums. Blaemire shells became highly sought after by professionals and amateurs alike, and largely defined the studio recording sound of the era.


The first fiberglass shells.

Allan F. Blaemire
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